Summerlin Las Vegas

The Cliffs Village

  • Las Vegas Summerlin Cliffs Village is one of the newer Summerlin Villages and is at the Southern end of Summerlin
  • The Cliffs Village initially will be comprised of Las Vegas new houses for sale
  • You will notice when you enter the Cliffs Village the architecture styling of the homes for sale is contemporary.  Some of the Cliffs houses in certain neighborhoods like Granite Heights go up into the mountainside.  Lot premiums for the few mountainside Summerlin Cliffs house lots are as high as $1 million.
  • The Wet 'n' Wild Park is also located in the Cliffs Village
  • Approximately 1700 Las Vegas houses for sale will be developed in the Cliff Village
  • Unique walking trails will exist in the Cliffs Village that hug and mirror the rising mountainside terrain of the Village.
  • Select ANY Cliffs neighborhood listed to see homes and condos for sale for that specific neighborhood

11 Cliffs Village Neighborhoods Homes for Sale

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Neighborhoods Neighborhoods Neighborhoods
Granite HeightsOlunaSkystone
[shortcode fields="Status(3)" values="Active|Contingent Offer|Pending" template="map_template.php" orderby="Price" orderdir="DESC" sort_type="LOCAL" pagination="45" count="3000" polygon="36.077781427663105:-115.31570434919558|36.077781427663105:-115.32205582014285|36.0750065813615:-115.32145500532351|36.07243976136201:-115.31956673017703|36.07001161128766:-115.31733513227664|36.0646000357452:-115.31724930158816|36.06022887604598:-115.31458855024539|36.05516357775967:-115.3086662327405|36.0554411367937:-115.29725075117312|36.06307362661936:-115.2976799046155|36.06293486068491:-115.30694961897098|36.07035849445904:-115.30712128034793|36.07035849445904:-115.31561851850711|36.077781427663105:-115.31570434919558" ]

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